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CITAA 2017 Annual General Meeting

Saturday, 4 November 2017 , 6 pm

Colourful Yunnan (柒彩壹锅), F1&F2 172-210 Burwood Highway, Burwood East, VIC 3151 (Ph 1300 999 990).

non-members: $50.00

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  • 2016 MAY > Medico-Legal Interpreting

    *Join CITAA to access recording of this event*

    Location:  Lv1, 123 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

    Time:    10:00 am – 12:30pm

    Attendance: around 64

    Presenter: Henry Carus

    Henry Carus, Juris Doctor, has worked in New York, USA and Australia for more than 35 years, and is the principal of Henry Carus & Associates, a Personal Injury Law Firm based at four locations across Melbourne including  Melbourne CBD, Brighton, Altona and Box Hill, with a highly experienced team of 35 specialists who assist injured persons to obtain excellent outcomes in Work Cover, TAC, Medical Negligence and Public Liability personal injury claims.



    Session Contents:

    1. What is a medico-legal examination? What is the difference between a Doctor’s medico-legal examination and a normal consultation?

    2. WorkCover

    • What happens in conciliation?

    • What is a Serious Injury Certificate?

    • Impairment Benefits - what entitlements does an injured worker have?

    3. TAC:

    • A lot of interpreters in this group are freelancers, we are often unsure if we have an accident on the way to our interpreting appointment, is it a WorkCover claim or a TAC claim?

    • What entitlements does a traffic accident victim have?

    4. Public Liability and Medical Negligence (brief introduction)

    5. Introduction to Henry Carus & Associates, and the client referral policy.


    One of our members Phoebe Wan mentioned that her boss, principal of a law firm, would like to present to T&I practitioners on medico-legal interpreting from the  other side of the fence, from a law firm and TAC and WorkCover point of view.


    Charles asks how many attendees do medical interpreting? How many legal interpreting? Found that most T&I practitioners do both.


    Charles asks what kind of problems have T&Is encounter? Examples  In our wechat group, we heard interpreters in some hospitals were harassed by patients asking them a lot of personal questions, appointments run overtime, to name a few.  How do we deal with this?


    Charles introduces the speaker: Dr Henry Carus


    Henry started in the early nineties in New York, working for Southern District Judge Honourable Burton R. Lifland, and quickly became a Litigation Lawyer (Barrister and Solicitor), in the  late 90s, he became a partner at an Insurance Firm, and from 2001 to present, he has been the principal of Personal Injury law firm, Henry Carus & Associates


    Henry covers the contents and answers many questions.


    Jingjing thanks the speaker/s and their generous gifts (keepcups).


    Some members went together for a hotpot lunch.

  • 2016 MAR > Ethics

    *Join CITAA to access recording of this event*

    Location:  Lv1, 123 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

    Time:    10:00 am – 1pm

    Attendance: around 91

    Presenter: Dave Deck





    1. Charles - Welcome everyone, both old and new members, a special thank you to New Dream students, and best wishes to you all for your exams.

    2. Charles - This is 1st one in 2016 and plan to have around 5 to 6.  If you become a member, you will continue to enjoy all the benefits, including a member rate to participate in these seminars, otherwise you will have to pay more.

    3. Charles -  We sometimes encounter some issues which we find professionally challenging. Some of the issues are very confusing, even experienced practitioners find them difficult to handle.

    4. Charles -  Lucky to have invited Dave Deck today to speak to everyone.  Encourage everyone to ask a lot of questions.

    5. Charles -  Introduce Dave Deck: Dave has practised as a translator and interpreter in Indonesian and Malay for about 22 years, and is chairman of NAATI’s Indonesian/Malay and English examining panels.  In addition, he ran workshops for both translating and interpreting candidates in NAATI’s Melbourne office for 16 years.  Formerly an education officer in the Air Force, he returned to the Defence Force School of Languages as a civilian instructor in Indonesian, and then became their Assessments Officer before retiring from Defence in 2009.  For 8 years he taught T&I theory (plus Indonesian translating and interpreting) as a sessional lecturer for the Advanced Diploma and Masters programs at RMIT University.  Having now retired from regular teaching at RMIT, he was recently elected chairman of the Vic/Tas branch of AUSIT, and has been on the AUSIT National Council since 2014.

    6. Dave presents on AUSIT Ethics

    7. Many questions during Dave’s presentation

    8. Dave presents many scenarios too

    9. Jingjing - A vote of thanks.  1 a small token to thank Dave for his wonderful, insightful and useful presentation. Jingjing and CQ present wines to Dave; we must thank Joseph and his church for continuously supporting our association – Jingjing presents a gift for Joseph who unfortunately couldn’t come.

    10. Jingjing - We will let everyone know the time for the next PD session through email and CITAA website.

  • 2015 AUG > Professionals Australia’s presentation

    *Join CITAA to access recording of this event*

    Presented by Niki Baras, and Moreno Giovannoni

    Date: 1 August 2015

    Time: 10 am -12:30 pm

    Attendance: 38



    1. Charles introduces the session

    2. Jingjing introduces the presenters

    3. Niki and Moreno present:



    What are the concerns?

    What are the reasons for the rate drop?

    People have no voice – deprofessionalisation

    Too much travelling/on the road

    Parking the most important issue coming up all the time



    History of the industry in Australia

    One client – government, for community interpreting

    Deprofessionalisation – use naati accredited interpreters where available

    Why some Japanese interpreters charge $120/hr plus travel?

    Why am I paid $800/day plus expenses for a Cains court job?

    PA recommended rates: $430/day (in Melbourne magistrate court)

    Happy to be here, you are the future, PA needs you.

    $60/ in 1993, 22 years later with inflation, we should get $120/in 2015

    Interpreters are liable, and can be sued

    UNION: The Case for Change – can be downloaded online; basic entitlements

    No point fighting again agencies; work with them

    Union – 3 years old, 2011; Oncall Superannuation issue

    Vietnamese  interpreters strike in 2003

    PA is not a militant union, not CFMEU

    Last year rate survey, 900 responses from 2000  “Lost in Translation” good results

    Working out a job (90 min) $123.00

    PA talks to minister and other stakeholders

    Level 2 never bother improve to level 3

    Turkish group – united in northern suburbs, 50 of them; agencies didn’t follow; went back to work

    ACCC approved PA to represent TIs

    Submissions to gov enquries

    Union is the members

    Most people in PA are volunteers

    PA is subsidising TIs by pharmacists/engineers



    Charles thanks everyone.


    PD points: 10


  • 2015 May > Legal Interpreting (2)

    *Join CITAA to access recording of this event*

    Location: Lv1, 123 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

    Date: 30 May 2015

    Time:  9:30 am – 12:30pm

    Attendance: 19 members and 59 non-members (78)



    This was a successful event on many fronts. Not only did we have a good turn out from the Chinese T&I community there were also a couple of Turkish translators and interpreters. It was also good to see so many new members joining up, almost doubling our membership.

    Three speakers at this event: Jingjing Lipski, Sarina Phan & Laurie Robson. All inspirational speakers, each provided their unique point of view and shared their experiences in the field of legal interpreting, or in Laurie’s case his experience of working with interpreters as a Barrister. Participation rate was very good thanks to the outstanding speakers, although due to time constraints some questions had to be cut short. Charles Qin was the MC.


    Many thanks to Joseph Tu for acquiring the venue, without it the event would not have been possible.

    Thanks also to the food sponsors Bread and Cake Delight in Springvale and Momo Sushi in Carlton for providing delicious lunch. Thank you Jingjing for securing the sponsorship.

    PD points: 20

  • 2015 May > Legal Interpreting (1)

    *Join CITAA to access recording of this event*

    Presented by: Joseph Li TU

    Location: Lv1, 123 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

    Date: 28 May 2015

    Time:  9:30 am – 12:00 pm

    Attendance: 35



    1. Charles MCs the session, and introduces Joseph

    2. Joseph, a man of faith and an experienced interpreter working in various courts and tribunals presents interpreting in the legal environment in Australia, particularly in RRT/MRT. Joseph explains religions commonly encountered in interpreting and the legal use and misuse of religious terms. Joseph invites participants to divide into several groups to practise, amongst whom one is a member, one an interpreter and one an applicant.

    3. Charles thanks Joseph and everyone.


    PD: 20 points

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